Herb Drying

Herb drying  

You found a seed with a good genetic, plant it and irrigate it.

You check regularly the soil and ambient condition, you fertilise.

The plant grows strong and with good color.

You changed to flower mode and start seeing buds.

You reach late flowering and added super bust bud fertilises like

Bloombastic , bud XL, shooting power ,white shark .

You are getting there and now you add Ripen.

You flushed the plant and now you are ready to harvest.

You have good scissors and start trimming.

after long months of hard work and care. To ensure the highest quality of your herb.

 But this is not the end, now you need to dry and cure.

Taking into consideration:

mold, smell, ventilation, uniform drying.

If you mess up now all you hard work will go to waist.

There is a solution. the WEDRYER

Wedryer is a drying machine for the home grower.

herb drying equipment

You store it in you closet or draw and when you are ready you open it.

Put the herb inside and that’s it.

In about 5 days you are ready.

No smell, prevent mold, no worry's.

Just hang it and plug in the electricity.

when the buds are crispy you are done.

take the buds out to a sealed vase.

shrink the Wedryer machine and store in the drawer for the next session.


for maintenance -once in 3 months change the special filter. Instructions here

Wedryer don’t use heating source to make the drying quicker for a reason the drying must be slow and precise, otherwise the Canaboid will be damage and the smoking will be harsh.

for the best quality - dry like a pro. shop now