More people are growing their own plants and herbs at home than ever before with increasingly improving results. CBDRY was established with the purpose of using our knowledge and capabilities to improve the final product even further, by enabling high-quality drying.

Drying capabilities today are not advanced enough, and this is a critical process in order to get dried herbs of the highest quality. Drying is the last stage in a long process that involves planting and caring for a plant, and no one wants to spend time and effort on something that gets ruined in the final step.


We conducted thorough analysis into the drying process, and developed a system that provides a unique and innovative solution while solving all of the challenges common in drying herbs: odors, mold, and space. We needed to think outside of the box to find a way to address all of these issues, and spent many months on designing, developing, and testing until WeDryer, our flagship product, was ready.

WeDryer has been thoroughly tested to check for odor leaks, mold, and more. Why? Because it's in the company's DNA to aim for excellence and provide our customers with a reliable, precise, and top-quality product.