It delivers big time on shortening drying time while providing mold free sticky buds

A costumer review - The WedDryer is the attempt to take herbs drying technology beyond hanging ropes and nets. This little bit larger than a Frisbee size package holds a big promise – drying 400 gr of fresh of the harvest, wet herbs buds in an enclosed environment with air circulation and smell filtration. For home growers this means better and faster drying and freeing up the flowering space ten days earlier due to the fact that most growers dry the buds in the flowering space because of air circulation and smell management.

When folded, The WedDryer diameter is 30 cm and 10 cm height which is a very compact size for storage. When opened the height is 45 cm divided to 5 compartments closed by heavy duty zippers. On the top of the WedDryer there is a fan mounted on an active carbon filter. The fan creates an air movement that moves from the bottom to the top of the WedDryer through a mesh. The Carbon filter is replaceable. The Fan is extremely quiet, quieter than my PC fan.

Usage: following the manufacturer’s instructions I filled the WedDryer with fresh of the plant harvested buds. The buds were not trimmed, and they were extremely wet because I rinsed the plants after harvest to get rid of oils used against bugs. The WedDryer was stuffed with way more buds than I would normally dry on my regular mesh in which I would never put more than one layer of buds. I was afraid that stuffing buds like that would create mold but in the name of science and a worthwhile product review I did it anyway. As a control I used my good old mesh but the buds dried on the mesh were first hanged for four hours with a vent on them to get rid fast of the rinsing water.

After three days the difference between my old mesh and the WedDryer became apparent. On the mesh the buds were still soggy and on the WedDryer the buds started to solidify. After five days mesh still soggy and the WedDryer was almost ready for curing. Seven days after harvest, the mesh buds were starting to solidify and the WedDryer buds were ready for curing. The mesh buds were sent to curing 12 days after harvest so the WedDryer was five days ahead. If I hadn’t done the control mesh, I would have freed the flowering space 12 days earlier.

In terms of drying quality – all the buds on the WedDryer were mold free and remained stickier than the mesh buds that ended up being crispier. On the mesh buds I had one (big) bud with black mold in it.

The smell filtration of the WedDryer is good. In the room the WedDryer was hanged I had faint traces of smell that didn’t reach the adjacent room after closing the door and slightly opening the window in the room the WedDryer was hanged.

So, the first attempt to improve herbs drying tech is a successful one. The WedDryer looks and feels like a good solid product. It delivers big time on shortening drying time while providing mold free sticky buds, very good smell management but most important for me- freeing up flowering space 12 days early. This means another grow cycle every two years or so or in other words about 16% increase in yield. If a 16% increase in yield with better quality came in a fancy bottle, all the growers I know would pay top dollar for it – way more than 120 USD for a re-usable sturdy gadget